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Voting Record Draws School Board Fight from Parents

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Schools are divided into districts with one board member assigned to each.

And for important decisions parents may feel like that person is their voice for school issues. But now, parents are calling for one Tulsa school board member to resign from her post this week.

Back in February school board members had to consider a 38-million dollar bond issue to put more technology in classrooms.

Six board members agreed to take it to the voters. But Lois Jacobs voted "no."

That was upsetting to PTA coordinator, Sally Perez who started a petition calling for Jacob's resignation. It is a vote of no confidence.

It wasn't just the bond vote but one concerning language assistance for parents, another---testing materials for students.

Now, she's trying to gather 50 signatures of support.

"If she could meet with us and tell us why she voted the way she has voted on items, we all would feel a lot better," said Sally Perez, the parent who started the petition.

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