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Man Who Murdered Bixby Woman Executed Monday

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The State of Oklahoma has executed a man convicted in a 1999 rampage that left three people dead in three states.

Steven Ray Thacker was convicted of raping and killing Laci Dawn Hill, 25, of Bixby in December 1999.

He also killed a Missouri man on January 1, 2000, and a man in Tennessee the next day.

Thacker, 42, waived his right to a clemency hearing, meaning he did not try to stop the execution at the state penitentiary in McAlester.

Hill's family attended along with the families of the two victims from Missouri and Tennessee.  He was pronounced dead just after 6 p.m.

Monday morning, Thacker was moved to the cell adjacent to the site of Monday evening's execution area.  He was not allowed visits and has already eaten his last meal.  He was allowed to make phone calls before getting lethally injected.

"Shortly before 6 p.m., he will be taken to the actual execution room and placed on a gurney where they will establish the IV's," said Jerry Massie with the Department of Corrections.

Thacker's death will be much different than the one that faced Hill.  She had placed an advertisement to sell a pool table when Thacker kidnapped her, raped her, then stabbed her to death.  Her body was found in Mayes County where Thacker was convicted of First Degree Murder for her death.  

Her family was behind one-way glass to watch Thacker be put to death.  Oklahoma law states they are to be kept separate from other witnesses, so they would go into the room first.

Law enforcement officers who worked the case have also been invited as witnesses.  Even though Thacker was first sentenced to death in Oklahoma, he has nt served the majority of his time here.  He was only brought back to Oklahoma recently.

"He was held in Tennessee at their prison system where they also had a death sentence," Massie said.  "So about 30 days ago, we brought him back from Tennessee."

For his last meal, Thacker requested a large Meat-Lover's pizza, peanut M&Ms, and an A&W Root Beer.

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