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Job Market in Tulsa Brisk

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Josh Hood had the sparks flying this afternoon, sharpening his 2 years of welding skills in a competitive job market.

"They want experience, I think I'm just as good," he said.

He's one of several welders utilizing the services of Stand-By Personnel to find a job.

"We have over 25 companies that come to us for welding positions alone," said Ami Williams.

How much can you make? Stand-By says not as much as new welders think they will, especially fresh out of school.

"Well, if they can land a job in a shop it won't be starting off at what they're usually promised like $3,600 a month, you know, usually it's, you're looking at more like, I would say $10 to $15 an hour," she said.

Certainly not easy, but remember when it was so tough out there you had a slew of over-qualified people applying for jobs they wouldn't have normally done. Is that still happening, at say, Braum's?

"Maybe about a year ago we were interviewing a lot more people that were getting laid off from big companies because of the recession, but lately, not as much as we used to," said Carlos Villanueva.

It's back to relatively normal, with signs on the doors looking for folks, and even opportunities for young teens. Braum's is one of the few places that employs kids 14 and 15 years old.

"They're great help, because it's going to be their very first job, and they have no bad habits from previous jobs," he said.

Which brings us to the Renaissance hotel where empty tables will be crowded with upwards of 500 people tomorrow for a job fair.

"There's just a ton of opportunity between the manufacturing, the clerical, the oil and gas," said Amanda Taylor of Job News.

Tips for success, Arrive early, Dress to impress, and uh...

"Don't bring your children, bring resumes, you laugh but people do it, bring resumes," she said.

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