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You Can Recover From Daylight Savings Time

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The clocks moved ahead on Sunday, so we're all just a little drowsy and maybe even a little cranky.

Daylight saving time is kind of like a case of jet lag, so it goes away in 2 or 3 days.

But we can all do things to improve the sleep we get and it's impact on our lives.

Dr. Joseph Ojile, of the National Sleep Foundation, says the key is to have a winding down period at the end of the night.

Get away from high stimulation things that can get you energized.

Make sure to avoid exciting TV shows, video games and all forms of electronics.

That includes your cell phone.

Ojile also says that alcohol isn't usually good, when it comes to sleep.

It may help initially, but after 4 hours or so, it irritates your brain and may cause you to wake up during the night.

The doctor also suggests that you make the bedroom a place that is a sleep sanctuary.

It needs to be cool and comfortable and used for sleep only.

Do thing like working and exercising, in other rooms.

Ojile also warns of the consequences of disrupted, poor quality, or insufficient sleep.

Those problems are an epidemic in our society.

The consequences include weight gain, depression, heart disease, diabetes and premature aging.

Ojile says It can affect every organ and bodily system over time, so we're much better off if we make sure we're properly rested.

It has huge pay offs both mentally and physically.



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