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East Tulsa Residents Hear Loud "Boom" from Recycling Plant

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Some residents in east Tulsa may have woken up from their sleep early Thursday morning after they heard a loud "boom."

The explosion was heard just after midnight from the CMC Recycling Plant located on north 166th East Avenue and East Pine.

Channel 8 reached out to the recycling plant and were given an email response by a spokesperson with the company:

"Just before midnight on February 27th, during normal processing of shreddable scrap material, a small propane tank was inadvertently processed. The mill is designed to withstand these types of events and is equipped with a fire suppression system."

The spokesperson went on to write that all employees are safe and no equipment was damaged. Operations at the recycling plant also have continued since the explosion this morning.

According to their statement, the company is now reviewing their screening procedures for incoming material.

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