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Pothole Repairs In High Gear

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Potholes are formed when water gets into the cracks in the pavement. When the temperatures change and traffic takes its toll then you get bumps in the road. At about 8 inches deep and just as wide, this pothole is hard to avoid along Harvard.

"It's a royal pain in the you know what. it is, it is." Outside his home near 78th and Harvard, David Ferrell, is not happy.

"It makes a terrible noise when they hit it. I mean it wakes me up inside my house."

All along Harvard, Yale, Lewis and throughout the city today...potholes can be found.

"So do you hit them, dodge them, what do you do? Well a lot of times you can't when you're in traffic you just have to run through them," says David Evans."

City crews are making two kinds of pothole repairs today... one uses a material called cold patch designed to work in this type of weather. The other method uses what's called an injection patcher. It's a high pressure repair that takes only one person to operate.

"A man sits in the cab of the truck an a snout on the front of the truck, joystick control and that person will clean the hole and patch the hole and do everything from inside the cab of the truck," says Floyd Emery with the City of Tulsa. Tulsa residents are encouraged to call in to the Mayor's Action Center or email to report potholes. That's how this one at 78th and Harvard got some attention. "I'm glad the city's fixing it. Whoever reported it they did a good job," says Ferrell. Pothole repairs usually happen within 24 hours sometimes 48 or sooner if its an emergency.

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