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2nd Little Rock murder of 2013, girl finds father murdered

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(KATV) Little Rock - A 15-year old girl ran to a neighbor's home off West 18th Street pleading for help Sunday after she found her father bleeding in the home. Police later confirmed he was shot. The man, 38 year old Joseph McCardell died from his injuries. Police don't have a suspect.

Little Rock police are investigating this case as a homicide, and still trying to figure out the timeline of the events.

Before 1 p.m. Sunday, the coroner was called to 2018 West 18th Street. Neighbor, Keoshae Otey says, "He was a father of two. I only met his son. I have never seen his daughter. It's going to be hard for them; I mean that's their father."

Otey says McCardell enjoyed having friends over for barbeques and outdoor games,   but her thoughts are with the victim's daughter and the emotions she's going through. "It's shocking to find your father dead like that."

Neighbors who were home Sunday tell Channel Seven they didn't hear gunshots, but McCardell's body, now evidence will likely help explain the time of death. Even though his 2005 Nissan Titan was missing from the scene that afternoon, people a few miles away at 22nd and Scott noticed the car at 9 a.m.

Charles doesn't want to give his last name because no arrests have been made. He says, "I am new to this city, I have been here about four days."

Charles says the truck was parked by his, and he moved a few spots down because it looked suspicious. "The door was open." He says it looked like someone got out in a hurry, items from inside were scattered on the ground.

After a few hours, the maintenance worker called police. Charles points out, "They did their investigation for a few hours and had it all taped off."

Sgt. Cassandra Davis says the truck is now part of the investigation. "That vehicle was towed to our crime scene bay and it will be processed. We are ruling this as the years second homicide."

At this time, police say there was no forced entry to the home.

Family didn't want to comment on how the 15 year old is coping. The Little Rock Police Department has a victim's services unit and they're offering their crisis counseling to her.