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State by State: Implementation of Nation's Health Care Law

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By The Associated Press

We're only in the first year of the new year and we are already seeing sweeping changes in Washington and across several states.

One of them being health care. Now that the Obama administration has secured another term, health care will begin to look a little different as the next four years pass.

And here in Oklahoma, the same discussions are being held among Governor Mary Fallin and her administration.

Back in November she announced that Oklahoma will not establish a state-run health insurance exchange under the federal health care law or expand its Medicaid eligibility to provide coverage to thousands of low-income, uninsured citizens.

Instead, she has left it up to the Obama administration to set up the insurance exchange in Oklahoma citing that the exchange was forced on the people of Oklahoma.

Here's a look at the routes states are taking to implement President Barack Obama's health care law, including health insurance exchanges and expansion of Medicaid coverage, along with the number of people in each state who don't have health insurance:

Alabama Federal exchange Not expanding 696,000
Alaska Federal exchange Decision pending 128,000
Arizona Federal exchange Decision pending 1,306,000
Arkansas Federal-state partnership Decision pending 545,000
California State exchange Expanding 7,471,000
Colorado State exchange Decision pending 817,000
Connecticut State exchange Expanding 391,000
Delaware Federal-state partnership Expanding 115,000
Washington, D.C. State exchange Expanding 65,000
Florida Decision pending Decision pending 3,952,000
Georgia Federal exchange Not expanding 1,992,000
Hawaii State exchange Expanding 102,000
Idaho State exchange Decision pending 239,000
Illinois Federal-state partnership Expanding 1,795,000
Indiana Federal exchange Decision pending 856,000
Iowa Federal-state partnership Decision pending 292,000
Kansas Federal exchange Decision pending 361,000
Kentucky State exchange Decision pending 727,000
Louisiana Federal exchange Not expanding 811,000
Maine Federal exchange Not expanding 146,000
Maryland State exchange Expanding 734,000
Massachusetts State exchange Expanding 215,000
Michigan Federal-state partnership Decision pending 1,336,000
Minnesota State exchange Expanding 453,000
Mississippi Decision pending Not expanding 530,000
Missouri Federal exchange Decision pending 780,000
Montana Decision pending Decision pending 179,000
Nebraska Federal exchange Decision pending 226,000
Nevada State exchange Expanding 555,000
New Hampshire Decision pending Decision pending 136,000
New Jersey Federal exchange Decision pending 1,334,000
New Mexico State exchange Decision pending 506,000
New York State exchange Expanding 2,780,000
North Carolina Federal-state partnership Decision pending 1,583,000
North Dakota Decision pending Decision pending 74,000
Ohio Federal-state partnership Decision pending 1,578,000
Oklahoma Federal exchange Not expanding 597,000
Oregon State exchange Expanding 678,000
Pennsylvania Federal exchange Decision pending 1,319,000
Rhode Island State exchange Expanding 122,000
South Carolina Federal exchange Not expanding 754,000
South Dakota Federal-state partnership Not expanding 108,000
Tennessee Federal exchange Decision pending 982,000
Texas Federal exchange Not expanding 6,654,000
Utah State exchange Decision pending 424,000
Vermont State exchange Expanding 61,000
Virginia Federal exchange Not expanding 1,023,000
Washington State exchange Expanding 812,000
West Virginia Federal-state partnership Decision pending 266,000
Wisconsin Federal exchange Decision pending 562,000
Wyoming Federal exchange Not expanding 84,000

Source: Associated Press Research, U.S. Health and Human Services Department and the Urban Institute.

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