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NLR man confesses to killing neighbor

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(KATV) A North Little Rock woman's body was found stabbed to death in her neighbor's apartment on Latona Lane. Officers were called to the scene because that neighbor went to police and confessed saying quote, "I think I killed someone." This is the city's 9th homicide.

Neighbors were too upset to talk on camera, but gave Channel Seven a glimpse into the past few weeks with their accounts.

Sgt. Brian Dedrick says, "It's not very often that you have someone come into the detectives division." Tuesday, November 4 at about 9:30 a.m., 50 year old Jeffrey Averett drove his ex girl friend's car to the police station, confessed to her murder and told police they could find her at his apartment.

Back home when neighbors saw the coroner take a body bag out of Averett's apartment, they though he killed himself. But because 50 year old Joann Sessler lives one door down, her mom realized she was missing and it was her in the body bag. 

Sgt. Dedrick adds, "She was stabbed numerous times."

Neighbors say Jeffrey and Joann were friends and dated for a few months, but when they broke up, Jeffrey allegedly started stalking her and she would stay away from home to avoid him.

Neighbor, Maudie Clark is a friend of the former couple. She says Jeffrey told her quote, "If I can't have her no one can." About a month ago Clark woke up to screaming and seconds later Joann was banging on her door asking for safety from Jeffrey. Sgt. Dedrick says police were called and gave her information on restraining and protective orders but she didn't get one.

"He was charged with murder one, first degree He was booked into the Pulaski County in-take center after giving us a taped statement."

Police still don't know why the victim was in Jeffrey Averett's apartment, but his birthday was the day before the murder.

Even though it seems like a closed case, investigators have to follow protocol, collect evidence and send it to the state crime lab. Just to give you one example of why, the suspect could plead not guilty, get a trial date and all the processed evidence will have to be used at trial.