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UCA student accuses former student of rape

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(KATV) Conway Police are investigating a rape case. The alleged victim is a UCA student. She told police she knows the suspect, a former student. The 18 year old female did not call police right away. She reportedly told a friend and then family, who urged her to call police.

Latresha Woodruff with the Conway Police Department says, "At this point it's kind of a he said she said."

The alleged incident happened at about 11:55 on Saturday, December 1 during a party at a house in the 1800 block of Lee Avenue. It was not on school property and UCA police are not working the investigation.

Woodruff says the female knows the suspect and she did go to the hospital and have a rape exam done. "She said she was lying on the sofa and a young man she was acquainted with actually picked her up off the sofa and took her into another room. She claims that is where the rape occurred."

The suspect is 22 years old and lives in Conway. He hasn't been arrested, pending the outcome of the investigation. People who were at the party are still being questioned.

A UCA spokesperson says four rape cases have been reported this academic year. In all of the allegations the victim and suspect have been acquaintances.

For information on UCA victim services, click here.