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Baby Center lists the 100 most popular names for newborns this year

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Aiden and Sophia come out on top for the most popular baby names in 2012.

Baby Center polled half a million parents to make their top 100 list. The list combines names that sound the same but have multiple spellings such as Sophia or Sofia.


Girls                                                                     Boys

1. Sophia                                                              1. Aiden

2. Emma                                                               2. Jackson

3. Olivia                                                                3. Ethan

4. Isabella                                                            4. Liam

5. Ava                                                                   5. Mason

6. Lily                                                                    6. Noah

7. Zoe                                                                   7. Lucas

8. Chloe                                                                8. Jacob

9. Mia                                                                    9. Jayden

10. Madison                                                          10. Jack

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