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Hoskins Family wants justice

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(KATV) The family of a Ward man who was shot and killed is struggling to understand why it took law enforcement so long to make an arrest. On November 9ths, Ernest and coworkers were at their employer, Christopher Reynolds homes for a business meeting. According to the arrest report, Reynolds "pointed a loaded gun toward Hoskins while trying to un-cock it." But it discharged. 

Monday, November 26, family gathered at the Capitol for a prayer vigil and to plead for justice. Reynolds has been arrested but they want to make sure he is convicted and stays behind bars.

Ernest Hoskins wife, Nikki says, "You have no idea how it feels to have a baby girl ask you every day, when is her dad coming home? When is he coming home from heaven." Nikki and Ernest were married four months.

Ernest Hoskins Jr.,21, was killed on November 9th, but it took two weeks for an arrest to be made. Christopher Reynolds, Hoskin's employer, is now charged with first degree murder and aggravated assault. But some community leaders say the arrest should've happened earlier.

Rizelle Arron with a local NAACP chapter says, "Apparently at this particular point no one knows why or who actually had jurisdiction in relation to not making an arrest. The reality is, if a crime has been committed, there are witnesses on the scene and the suspect is still within arms reach, an arrest should be made."

State police says it's their duty to collect the evidence and then present the information to the prosecuting attorney.

The Lonoke County Prosecutor has not returned Channel Seven's phone calls for a comment.

Channel Seven will continue to follow this story.

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