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Cyber Monday helping local economy

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(KATV) Black Friday has come and gone, small business Saturday is behind us and today it's cyber Monday turn.

This year's Cyber Monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. One data tracking firm estimates sales to reach $1.5 billion nationwide.

The brick and mortar stores still have deals, but clothing seems to be where the biggest bang for your buck is online Monday.

Cyber Monday is one of a series of days to jumpstart the holiday shopping season. Josh Mayville says it's basically Black Friday all over again, a second chance. "So we offer them every opportunity for them to browse online and come in the store."

Employees at RK Collections hand pick every item that makes it in the store and shipments are arriving daily. Monday, online items are going for 50-percent off. They upload pictures on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter so fans will share with potential new clients across the globe and it's working. In the past week, they have sent shipments to Egypt, Pakistan, India and the Netherlands. To stay ahead they also send emails, text and make personal calls daily.

Mayville adds, "Some of the designers and brands we carry here at RK Collections, they carry at Macy's and Dillard's so we do have to compete with that so we have to venture out into the tech world and really venture out and see what we can get with that."

At the UPS store in the heights, small businesses racking in orders and keeping them on their feet with shipments, trucks are doubling pick up times, they have extended hours and additional staff to keep up.

Owner Vince Powell says they ship it all. "We've shipped a canoe and we have even shipped a car."

They're even in the gift wrapping business, trying to cater to your every need. "You can bring your presents here and we'll gift wrap and pack and ship them where they need to go."

The National Retail Federation estimates sales from November and December will be up 4.1% and that comes out to about $586 billion.


Click Here to see RK Collections website.

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Cyber Shopping Tips:

If you add words like "cheap" or "discount" to your search, it doubles your chances of being lured to a counterfeit site.

If it's a site your not familiar with do a review search (just search review with the name of the business or product). For example, compares prices and users' comments for retail websites, and Google Product Search, and monitor retailers, site performance, possible issues and deals.

It is also smart to use a credit card not debit card. If you're shopping at multiple sites, you can use a "one-time" credit card number from a payment processor such as PayPal.

Use a secure site. In the address bar, look for "https" at the beginning and a yellow padlock logo to the right of the Web browser address bar. Double-click on the lock to see a digital certificate of the website.

Make sure you are entering correct URLs. Hackers will buy a domain for a similar named website that is misspelled to trick people into entering personal information.

There is never a reason to enter your Social Security number or passwords to e-mail and bank accounts information during the buying process.

Use a different password for each online retailer you have to create an account with.

Make sure you understand the return and privacy policies before making purchases.

Don't click on advertisements in a webpage.

Uncheck boxes advertising "additional offers."

Make sure your antivirus software is updates.

Be even more mindful when shopping on your phone or tablet. According to Paypal, there was a 193% increase in mobile shopping on Black Friday 2012 over last year. Experts say those mobile shoppers need to be even more vigilant about security. Always make purchases over a secure and password-protected wi-fi network.

And of course, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.