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"Nobama Brew".. It's Not Bipartisan Beer

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In this election year, who knew you could show support for your favorite candidate just by popping the top of a beer?

"Nobama Brew" is for sale at Indian Springs Liquor Store at 131st & Elm in Broken Arrow.

It's made by Huebert Brewing Company in Oklahoma City.  

The store owner, Doris Walker, tells Channel 8 it's been pretty popular with customers.

"They laugh about it and then they buy one of them for their friends or buddies that may not be in the same belief that they are. But it's gone over pretty good. I think it's really neat."

The bottle claims it's "infused with the refreshing taste of patriotism and freedom."

By the way, a pint of "Nobama Brew" will set you back about $8.00.