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OSU Cornerbacks Coach Jason Jones Talks About His Group

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STILLWATER, Okla. – The Oklahoma State football team practiced in clear and warm conditions Friday morning dressed in full pads on the grass practice fields adjacent to Gallagher-Iba Arena. It was the first of two scheduled Friday practice sessions. After the morning practice, cornerbacks coach Jason Jones talked about his position group:

On the progress of Devin Hedgepeth's recovery from injury:

"Devin is progressing well. He's out practicing. He's going through individual and seven-on-seven. He's out moving around. He's taking it slow and just working back in. He's looking well. Right now, if I'd compare him to where he was, I'd say he's about 50 percent. He's coming out of his breaks and he's planting on that foot and things like that, which is good. As it continues to progress in his rehab, he'll be back to his normal self."

On what freshmen Ashton Lampkin and Kevin Peterson have shown in camp:

"Both of them are smart. They come in and watch tape and ask questions. They pick up on things pretty quickly. The one thing that caught everybody's attention was the first day in pads when it was the first time they got a chance to really thud and things like that. Both of those guys are physical guys. They came down and were making tackles on the tailbacks and tackling wide receivers. Both of them are physical guys and that's what caught everyone's eye. Both of them are bigger corners and they can run, so that's good."

On if Lampkin and Peterson are realistic challengers for spots on the two-deep:

"Without a doubt. With Kevin and Ashton coming in, it's created some competition. Between those four guys (Lampkin, Peterson, Miketavius Jones and Jonovan Griffin), they're battling to see who is going to be in the two-deep. Competition always makes you better. It's good. Now, after practice, I see guys working harder. I see guys competing harder and things like that. With Kevin and Ashton being thrown into the mix, it has created some competition and it's pushing Miketavius and Jonovan."

On if this is the deepest group of corners he has coached at Oklahoma State:

"It is. We have a good group of quality young men who are going to do the right things on the field and do the right things off the field. All of them can run. They vary in size, where some are bigger than others, but it is a deep group. They come in and they'll make mistakes, but they'll watch tape and ask questions to try to correct those mistakes. I'm pleased with the group that I have."

On what makes Justin Gilbert special:

"His size is one. He's 6-1, 205 pounds or so. The speed that he has – he's a 4.3 and you don't see that every day. The speed is what makes him special. He's so athletic. It's just his third year playing corner, so he's still learning the position. Once he gets it and understands it, the sky is the limit for him. Of course size, athletic ability and speed is what sets him apart."

On Brodrick Brown's leadership:

"Brodrick is great. If a guy doesn't understand, he'll bring him in and watch tape with him. Even over at the apartments, he'll coach them up. He comes out every day and works his tail off. That's what they respect the most about him. He's sort of a quiet guy, but he leads by example and that's huge because I coach them on the field, but now I have a guy in my meeting room who also helps me. He gets on to them. When you have your leader in the room getting on the guys when they may take a play off or so on and so forth, that's always huge. He's a great leader. That's why the guys that I have, for the most part, they're mature and we don't have a lot of problems out of those guys because of the leadership and the way he talks to them and tells them what the expectations are."