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Sully Says ( John L. Smith's Way)

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Last Friday, Razorback coaches and several former Hog stars signed a football at the Little Rock Razorback club's annual golf outing. One signature stuck out.  For what it's worth, the Hogs new head coach could win a handwriting contest. Let's hope that football turns out to be a valuable piece of Hog memorabilia.

This was an event that Coach Smith could have passed up.  After spending three days at the SEC spring meetings, Coach could have played the "too busy' card, but that's not the  "John L." way.  He's always believed that football programs belong to the people, the fans.  Coach Smith says you can't stay in your " Ivory Tower", you have to bring the program to the Razorback nation.

Coach Smith will tell you that he's a lucky man. He's 63 and has the opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to win a SEC Championship. If he has it his way, he'll retire at the University of Arkansas.

He's willing to do whatever it takes to make this work including tweet.  Several Hog coaches are now tweeting for the first time.  The top tweets so far.  Coach Smith's first tweet " I didn't come to paint, I came to tweet",  and Tim Horton telling his followers that he and his running backs played wiffle ball during a visit to the Horton house.  When quizzed about the specifics of the game, all Tim would say is that fullback Kiero Small was the star.  Steve Caldwell says the defensive ends don't play games when they come to the Caldwell house, they just eat.  Caldwell says the most prolific eater is Trey Flowers. Caldwell says Flowers has the " wow" factor when it comes to downing food.

You don't get much " coach " talk from John L.    He's honest, sometimes to a fault.  His assessment of the 2012 Hogs, " We're gonna be good on offense, but we don't have the depth we need defensively".

Coach Smith doesn't golf.  He says it's way too stressful.  So what's on Coach Smith's wish list this summer ? " I may climb a mountain out west or ski a glacier", that's his idea of fun. Coach Caldwell ,who's been around a lot of coaches in his 34 years in the game, says  John L. is as     " good as gold."  

Bobby Allen and Tim Horton were quick to point out that Coach Smith is doing things "the Petrino way". There have been no major changes on the football side.  In some ways, it's business as usual. It's just a different way of doing business.    

John L. Smith is approachable, friendly, and grateful.   He's a guy Hog fans will love ........ if he wins.