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Before and After the Storm

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After several years of severe springtime storms in Arkansas, 2012 has been so far been thankfully uneventful.

The down time helped give the Arkansas Better Business Bureau the extra time necessary to create a resource that KATV and the BBB is now ready to share with you.

When severe weather hits…whether it be by way of a tornado, flood, lightning strike, straight-line wind or ice storm…odds are that many of those in the path of the storm weren't prepared for what has happened or what will happen.

"So what we want to do is help you gather the information that you need beforehand, visit the site, run through the checklist and see what things you might need to be doing," says Janet Robb with the Arkansas Better Business Bureau.  "And then also provide a resource of information for after the fact."

"Emergency Preparedness: Before and After the Storm" can be found at or

It is one-stop shopping for anybody who wants to takes steps necessary to prepare for a major storm or make wise decisions in the aftermath of a major storm.

Those who aren't prepared often make poor decisions and can be victimized by unscrupulous contractors in a time of desperation.

"All of this information that the BBB and KATV have put together in one place for your viewers is to help equip you so that you don't become one of those victims," says Robb. "Be informed beforehand. And know what to do when it happens if it unfortunately happens to you."

A BBB task force spent a year working on compiling this information for your benefit.  It really is an excellent resource.

Air date:  May 21st, 2012