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Possible World Record Fish

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Wednesday night we shared with you the plight of Rodney Ply, an Arkansas fisherman who caught a huge striped bass back in February.

We told you how a couple technicalities will prevent his fish from being declared a state record.

But it is still in line for a world record.

The International Game Fish Association has certified the scale that weighed in Rodney Ply's monster fish. And the IGFA is satisfied with the sworn statements from others who witnessed the catch and weigh-in.

Ply's 68 pound striper bass is eight ounces bigger than the current freshwater record.

The IGFA is comfortable with the weight.  

They're looking at the bait.

Ply was using a patent-pending lure that he designed.  He calls it a bass-tricker lure.  The IGFA calls them multi-arm spinner baits, umbrella lures or Alabama rigs.

When moving through the water Ply's lure creates the illusion of a school of bait fish swimming by…something that will hopefully incite a feeding frenzy.  

It is possible to reel in more than one fish at a time.

Some bass fishing tournaments have banned such lures.

The IGFA is about to weigh in for the first time.

And Ply has a million dollars riding on the decision.

"I don't know…I can't say what IGFA is going to do right now," says Ply.  "But I left from Florida and I do believe that I'm going to have the world record through IGFA."

Rodney Ply is in a contest sponsored by Mustad Hooks.

The deadline to enter a potential world record is three months after the catch…which for Rodney is May 18th

But Mustad Hooks has agreed to lift that deadline so the IGFA has more time to review and rule on Rodney's lure.

Air date:  May 17th, 2012