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Craws for Concern

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At least $20,000.00 handled by a central Arkansas charity is in question tonight…with its next big event 48 hours away.

Several Arkansas companies say Scotty Adams is misrepresenting their involvement in his "Craws for a Cause" fundraiser.

Earlier this week we reported how this popular fundraiser failed to meet its goal of buying special hospital beds for premature babies…donating only pennies of each dollar raised to the charity of choice.

Adams, the event's founder, said high expenses were to blame.

But some of the companies we visited with today didn't charge the charity a thing.

Wednesday evening we received an email that reads in part: "My company….has been donating equipment and labor for this event and just noticed we are listed as an expense on the 2011 financials which is not correct."

The email was from Tim Glasscock, owner of Sunbelt Convention Services.  

His company provided tables and chairs for last year's "Craws for a Cause" event…for free.

But the organization's financial report states Sunbelt Convention Services charged $3,320.15.

Like Sunbelt Convention Services, Coca Cola says it donated its products or services to the event, even though the expense report states the soft drinks cost the charity $2,707.36.

And we found three companies listed in the report …that say they had no role in last year's event at all.

Bylites says it did not collect $1,400.00 for providing sound and lights.

New Age Distributing says it did not collect $1,028.75 for providing bottled water.

Verizon arena says it did not collect $2,000.00 for a marquee advertisement last year.

Then there is this very puzzling purchase:  $1,855.08 for hot dog buns from Ben E. Keith.

The company couldn't find an invoice, but the size of the order raises eyebrows.

That is over 8,000 hot dog buns for a crawfish eating event.

The questionable expenses total nearly three times what Adams gave his chosen charity following last year's event.

Adams has not responded to our calls or emails seeking comment.

This year's "Craws for a Cause" event remains set for this Saturday night at Dickey-Stephens Park.

Air date:  April 26th, 2012