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Statement by Congressman Steve Womack

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Statement by Congressman Steve Womack 

On Purple Hearts for Private William Long and Private Quinton Ezegwula:


"We must all understand that 9/11 changed how we look at modern warfare. And it's no longer force-on-force, lion-in-the-sand type warfare. It's more of an insurgent, guerilla type of conflict that is fought by, in many cases, non-state actors. Everything from "lone wolfs" to "rouge groups" who are trying to advance some radical, in many cases jihadist-type of philosophy or mentality. And so it is in the contrast of how the war on terror has changed that. I am very sensitive to the fact that our men and women in uniform have become targets. Not just in foreign countries but on our own soil. I believe that our country needs to be sensitive to the fact that our service men and women are in harms way all the time.

I believe that we should give consideration to those that are injured or killed while representing this country. That something must be done to properly acknowledge their sacrifice. If not a Purple Heart then surely this country can come up with a reasonable type of honor to bestow upon them that does not currently exist."