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Stillwater Church Service Remembers Those Lost In Plane Crash

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A Stillwater church congregation is remembering those lost in Thursday's plane crash.

Oklahoma State University women's basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant women's basketball coach Miranda Serna were remembered along with the two others who died at this morning's church service at St. John The Evangelist University Parish.

Father Stuart Crevcoure offered his condolences to the basketball players who are attending the services.

"They are well known to everybody in the whole community," says Father Stuart Crevcoure.

"He was a very fine leader for young women and had all the respect of the community," says church member and friend of Coach Budke's Michael Zaloudek.

In honor of the four lives lost, many wore the school colors during Sunday morning mass and others wore orange ribbons clipped to their lapels.
"Athletic teams really are like families their coaches for them it really is that they've kind of lost a father and mother figure," says Pastor Crevcoure.

He poke to the packed house early Sunday morning, including three rows of women's basketball players. They sat quietly in the first three pews, in honor of their coaches.

"He stressed their faith first in whatever religion they had, and OSU second, and basketball third, that was just coach Budke," says Zaloudek who says the coach was just a great guy and he will miss his humor. "The thing that happened this weekend just puts a lot of things in perspective you just don't know what's going to happen."

Funeral services are sill pending for the coaches.