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Eddie Sutton Talks About Crash; OSU Flight Policy

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Tulsa has a huge base of  OSU alumni. They are very close and like family.

Channel's Yvonne Lewis talked to those on Tulsa's campus and also talked to former coach Eddie Sutton for reaction.

He says, the plane crash took him back to another crash that devastated the OSU Community.

And this morning his phone started ringing again.
Sutton lost members of his team in a crash 10 years ago in Colorado, and now this.

"I think the biggest  problem I felt when it happened was we got to take care of the remainder of that basketball team."

And they did. New rules were also established.

Sutton says, "I think that was the one good thing that came out of that was they did secure more requirements for coaches to get into private aircraft."

Sutton says they had to fly in twin engine planes with two pilots. In yesterday's crash, it was a single engine aircraft with two pilots.

And now questions.

Today though, is about a loss devastating to so many.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved family members everyone," says sports fan Tracy Mann.

Coach Sutton also says, there were great counselors on hand to help them through the last tragedy. And that will be needed again. That's especially true for the student athletes.