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Tick Bite Danger

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We all know that ticks can carry diseases, but most parents don't know that some ticks carry a poison that can actually cause paralysis.  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease are the most common ailments people associate with tick bites.  They can definitely be serious illnesses but doctors say there's another disease caused by the tick's saliva that can partially paralyze a child to the point that they can't even breathe.  Dermacentor Variablilis is what some call a dog tick.  In rare cases, it can have a neurotoxin in its saliva that causes paralysis.  The paralysis travels from the ankles up to the knees to the hips to the arms and then up to the diaphragm so the child can actually quit breathing.  Very few ticks actually carry the poison, but it is important that if your children play in the woods, they wear insect repellant.  If your children experience swollen glands after being bitten by a tick, doctors say you should bring them in for a check-up.