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Sully Says: Tournament Thoughts

The key to late game success so far in the NCAA tourney. Get the ball to your best player in let him create. George Mason's game winner was a step back three pointer. Temple won when Juan Fernandez . who was tightly guarded,sunk a 12 foot floater. I also have a hard time believing that John Calipari drew up Brandon Knight's game winning drive to the hoop.

I love Gus Johnson !!! I still believe no announcer got his team to the end zone better than Paul Eells. I feel the same way about Gus Johnson and tournament basketball. He has the right words and emotion for every big call. I also love the fact that 4 networks are carrying games. Barkley and his crew aren't college guys but they are highly entertaining. Here at KATV, we've had fun jumping from game to game.

Major props to Joe Foley. Making back to back NCAA tourneys is an amazing accomplishment. This is a guy who inherited a young program that was really struggling. He's proof that a good coach can get it done anywhere.

My final four ( I've never won our pool)... Florida, Notre Dame, Ohio St.and Duke... I have Notre Dame winning it all.