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Sully Says: Mallett Bashing

Time for some more Mallett bashing. I want to start with the Liberty Bowl win . Ryan stunk it up. Blame it on the cold weather. It was miserable and so was Ryan.  He was 15 of 36 for 202 yards and he was awful on big downs. The Hogs were 0 for 13 on third downs.  What was more upsetting than the numbers ? Mallett accepted the MVP award. I was hoping he would turn it down and pass it on to a player who played a bigger role in the win... like the much maligned Alex Tejada.

Then there was a moment in a press conference following a Hog loss. Ryan didn't like a question that was asked, so he responded with one word.. "next"... Not a great move  for a guy who was trying to work on his image.   Throw in the publix intox charge back in March 2009, and that's my case against Ryan Mallett...

But if I had the choice in this case, I'd rather be the defense attorney than the prosecutor. I'm more worried about his slow feet than his ability to lead. This is a guy who was voted captain by his teammates before he ever took a snap in a regular season game(the first time that has ever happened at UofA)  Did he play with a swagger ? You bet !!!  Did he make his teammates better ? Ask DJ Williams, Greg Childs, Knile Davis or Bobby Petrino.  This may shock the Mallett haters, but his biggest strength at Arkansas may have been his ability to lead with confidence.   What did you get with Ryan Mallett at quarterback ? An offense that you thought could score at anytime from anywhere on the field. Would I like to hang out with him off the field? Not really. Play with him? Absolutely.

In my opinion, Cam Newton is more of a risk than Ryan Mallett. I'm convinced Mallett's ultimate goal is to be a successful Pro Quarterback.  As for Newton, I think he may be more interested in fame than football.  What makes this quarterback class so interesting is that they all have issues.  Newton(BIG EGO/Spread Offense), Gabbert(Spread Offense) , Mallett(SLOW), Ponder(Durability/Inconsistent) and Locker(Accuracy).  Who would you take a chance on ?

I'm done hating. If I'm drafting a quarterback, I'm picking Mallett first.