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Who's Getting Hired?

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The Tulsa metro's unemployment rate continues to hover around 7.5%. That's still a couple points lower than a nationwide jobless rate.  As we ease into a new year, people are getting hired.  But which industries are doing better than others?

The head of a human resources company says those with more education behind them are getting the first picks.  More so now, than just five years ago.  Tig Gilliam, CEO of Adecco, says "It's the finance and accounting skills, the IT skills, the engineering skills which greatly improve your chances of finding a job."  

It's leisure and hospitality and health care too.  Those fields saw the biggest job growth last month.  Also, the service sector was the leading industry for new hires in 2010.  Restaurants and bars were top job producers and hiring by retailers increased sharply during the holidays.

This is good news for the economy.  Going out to eat and drink more is considered a sign that Americans are ready to spend again.

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