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Mobile Coupons: Savings On-The-Go

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You could have hundreds of dollars in coupons from your favorite retailer in the palm of your hand right now -- and not even know it. More retailers are delivering savings directly to your mobile phone, putting incentives to shop in nearly everyone's pockets.

Put down those scissors,  and pick up your mobile phone.  When it comes to discounts and deals, retailers' next hot spot is in the palm of your hand.

Scott Krugman with the National Retail Federation says, "I can be walking by my favorite apparel store, check my iPhone, in comes a coupon, and I'm going in and I'm making a purchase."
Retailers are making a big push to bring mobile discounts to the masses. Mobile coupons are geographically based discounts delivered to a smart phones, like an iPhone or Blackberry,  directly from a retailer or via a third party app like Yowza.

I checked out Yowza on my iPhone and found three stores within 15 miles of my Tulsa location that offer mobile coupons... instant savings when I show it to the retailer.
Three isn't very many, but Yowza promises to add more stores and offers. The idea behind mobile coupons is to drive consumers back into stores.

Krugman says, "When you combine mobile devices with GPS, and retailers anxious to get consumers into the stores, it ends up as a big windfall for both retailers and consumers."

Some retailers, like Target, will send you mobile coupons once you register at the company's online or mobile Websites. Specialized discounts based on where you are and where you shop have raised some privacy concerns.  But retailers say consumers have a choice to opt in to mobile offers, only from stores they choose.
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