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Kids & Identity Theft

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While getting your kids enrolled in school or fall sports, you may not think twice before handing over their birth certificate or social security card.  But just because they're kids, doesn't mean they're too young to have valuable personal information stolen.
Adam Levin, Identity Theft 911 Chairman says, "They're the perfect target, because it's not like they're applying for credit, and it's not like they're applying for a credit card. Nobody's checking."  

A pre-approved credit card offer in your toddler's name might seem like a funny mistake, but it can also be a red flag. Get to the bottom of it, to avoid problems that could impact your child for a financial lifetime.

Levin says, "A call from a debt collection agency, a letter from a collector, a bill from a credit card company, a pre-approved credit card offer: any of these things would be a pretty scary tip-off."

If your kids are old enough to use the Internet unsupervised, have a talk about what information is safe to give out, and what should remain under wraps.  

"Identity thieves are very, very patient," according to Levin. "They'll draw information subtly out of adults and children."