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Info released on discovery of bodies of father and baby


The four day search for a missing father and his infant son came to an end around 5 p.m. Tuesday. The investigation into what happened is underway. More>>

Arkansas post office with 33 patrons to stay open


A tiny Arkansas town has learned it can keep its post office. More>>

Missing father and baby found dead


Channel 7 News has just learned that the missing father and baby from Greenwood have been found dead. More>>

Police investigating 'person of interest' in attempted kidnapping


Benton police are investigating a "person of interest" in an attempted kidnapping of a teenage girl. More>>

UAMS opens neighborhood clinic


The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences has opened a new neighborhood clinic in west Little Rock. More>>

DEVELOPING STORY: Update on missing father and baby


Yell County Sheriff's Office holds a live press conference at 3 p.m. on the missing father and infant son. More>>

Police: 3 killed in central Arkansas car crash

Arkansas State Police say three men have died in a single-vehicle crash. More>>

Amazing animal rescue in Arkansas


Every now and then you meet someone who you know was destined for her work. Janice Wolf was born to rescue animals. More>>

Man charged with murder in girlfriend's death


Authorities say a man arrested in his girlfriend's death has been charged with two counts of capital murder. More>>