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Daybreak Now Starting Earlier---at 4:30am!

For those Arkansans who are up very early, Channel 7 News now has a newscast designed to serve them.

KATV Vice President and General Manager Mark Rose is pleased to announce that Channel 7 News Daybreak is starting half an hour earlier---at 4:30am. Channel 7 News is the first local news station to commit to serving viewers that early in the morning.

Channel 7 News Daybreak airs each weekday from 4:30am until 7:00am. The newscast features Anchor Beth Hunt and Meteorologists Melinda Mayo and Barry Brandt.

ABC's popular Good Morning America will continue to follow Daybreak from 7:00am-9:00am in Channel 7's lineup.

"In Arkansas, we know that many folks are up quite early," says Rose. "Their jobs require it. Their hobbies like hunting and fishing call for it. And some people are just early risers or stay up late. We're glad to be able to serve them with news and information now at 4:30am and to be the first to commit to it. We really look forward to helping them start their day off right with Daybreak."

News Director Randy Dixon agrees. "Providing information in a way that's convenient for our viewers is a big part of what we do at Channel 7 News," says Dixon. "People who are up before 5:00am should be able to turn on the TV and get local news and weather. They can with Channel 7 News Daybreak starting at 4:30 each weekday morning."