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KATV is pleased to bring a state-of-the art, personal
storm warning service to the Little Rock area.

Recent improvements in how the National Weather Service defines warning areas have resulted in significantly higher accuracy and smaller warned areas, compared to the decades-old county-wide warning method.

The WeatherCall® system continuously monitors the National Weather Service's NOAA weatherwire. Using computerized mapping ("GIS") the system compares a subscriber’s specific location to the location of the warning area. When a severe weather warning includes your location, you will receive a phone call from Chief Meteorologist, Ned Perme, 24 hours a day. You can also receive the warning by email with a detailed map of the threat or by SMS text messaging.

Pike, Clark, Hot Spring, Montgomery, and Garland County's combined 3,543 sq. miles are named in a TORNADO WARNING.
The actual warning area is 496 square miles.
Only WeatherCall Mobile subscribers INSIDE the red box would receive the warning call.

WeatherCall is now available for your home or business,
or as a mobile service. Choose the type of WeatherCall
service that is best for you:

Having problems? Call the toll free customer care line - 1-800-260-6695

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