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Restaurant Owner Reaction to Waiter Charged with Sexual Assault

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By Katherina-Marie Yancy

(KATV) Little Rock - A Little Rock waiter is behind bars held on a $1-million dollar bond charged with raping a seven year old girl. If found guilty he could get life in prison.

The alleged incident happened at the Casa Manana location on 18321 Cantrell Road  in West Little Rock Friday night.  

This disturbing news is creating mixed reaction from loyal customers deciding whether to return, but the owner say he is taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again.

The Casa Manana where a seven-year-old girl claims to have been sexually assaulted Friday night is open for business, but sits mostly empty Sunday.

According to Little Rock Police, the girl went to the bathroom alone and that's when they say a waiter lured her into the men's bathroom.

The waiter is 35-year old Marco Antonio de la Rosa Gutierrez.

Restaurant owner Desiderio Juarez was in the parking lot when he was alerted.

He says, "I came inside and offered help to these people because I didn't know what was happening. I understand they were very distressed, they were looking for a telephone and I told them they could use mine."

Juarez tells me the little girl was visibly nervous and crying, the family called police and Gutierrez seemed calm as he waited on tables until police arrived.

"I can not be in anyone's mind and I never though this person would do anything that wrong," Juarez adds.

Gutierrez has worked at Casa Manana for nearly 10-years. Juarez considered him a good employee, but wants him held accountable if found guilty. "He's got a family. He's got a wife and he has kids."

Juarez is hopeful 16-years of success in the restaurant business will not be overshadowed by one employee. He concludes, "Thinking about my daughter in the same situation is scary, something I really don't wish to anyone to happen."

The young girl underwent an examination at Arkansas Children's Hospital and has been interviewed by police.

Juarez plans to look into buying cameras and performing background checks on employees.

According to the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, Gutierrez is not a registered sex offender, but does have a criminal history.