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Family First: Teens cutting themselves Video included


In this edition of Family First Joan early looks at the growing problem of teens cutting themselves and the warning signs parents need to watch for. More>>

Teens flock to but is the social media site dangerous? Video included

In this edition of Family First, find out why this site is one parents need to police. More>>

Is it safe for your child to play football? Video included


From concussions and spinal cord injuries to torn ligaments and broken bones, the list of potential injuries from football is long. So how do parents make the call and decide whether their child should play? More>>

What to do when kids struggle with sleepwalking & night terrors Video included

More than 15 percent of all children will experience a night terror or a sleepwalking episode, according to doctors. More>>

Family First: Understanding HPV vaccines for your teen

As school returns, many kids get their annual physicals. If you have an 11- or 12-year-old, your child's pediatrician may want to discuss the HPV vaccine.  As Joan Early explains in this edition of Family First, doctors say HPV is becoming an epidemic. More>>

Growing up in an online “look at me” generation: Is it good or bad for kids? Video included

The number one thing teens do on social media is post pictures and videos. Those images are usually of themselves. In this edition of Family First, Joan Early goes behind the lens to see if this attention-seeking behavior is good or bad for our kids. More>>