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Great Mornings on Daybreak

Florida gang members arrested in NLR


Police say two members of the Florida Felony Lane Gang were arrested Monday in North Little Rock after a police pursuit. More>>

Off and On Rain Chances This Week


Latest Arkansas weather summary More>>

Jet maker to break ground on Arkansas expansion


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Dassault Falcon Jet is to break ground on a $60 million expansion of its private jet finishing plant at Little Rock's airport. More>>

Police chase ends at Philander Smith College dorms


(KATV)-A police chase ended at the Philander Smith College dorms in Little Rock on Sunday evening. Little Rock Police say Emory Craig, 23, Clinton Burrell, 22 and Jefferies Carville, 20 have been arrested for running from police and allegedly pointing a gun at children.  More>>

5 things to know about Arkansas' midterm elections

With a U.S. Senate race that could help determine which party controls that chamber and a race for an open governor's seat, Arkansas has no shortage of drama in its midterm election. More>>

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