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Great Mornings on Daybreak

Arkansas archaeologists get repatriation grant


The Arkansas Archaeological Society has received a $63,000 grant to document and return human remains and cultural objects to their native people. More>>

Pine Bluff lands $130 million wood pellet plant

Officials have announced plans for a new $130 million wood pellet facility that will create more than 35 jobs in Pine Bluff. More>>

Finally Some Real Summer Heat for Arkansas


Latest Arkansas weather summary More>>

Paralyzed donkey taking steps on the road to recovery


Hot Springs (KATV) – The donkey that's learning to walk again is planned to return to its owner on Saturday after months of microcurrent treatment.  More>>

Arkansas Judge calls Ferguson police "incompetent"


Tensions between police and protesters continue to rise in Ferguson, Missouri over the fatal police shooting of a teen. A judge in Arkansas weighed in on social media calling the Ferguson Police Department "incompetent." More>>

LR airport plans concourse renovations


Passengers traveling through the Clinton National Airport could see a major facelift to the airport concourse, with construction possibly starting next year if plans are approved. More>>

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